Tuesday, September 24, 2013

FISHDOCTOR...New Surf Inspired Tracks 'Atlantic' & 'Seasons'..Beachy tunes from Brooklyn dudes

Fresh catch of the day, Fishdoctor, are riding high on their surf inspired tunes! Treat your ears to their sweet, jangly sounds with these free downloads of their latest tracks:

Warning: Their songs emit mellow vibes of joy and may induce head bobbing and hip swaying!

Fishdoctor embraces a certain depth of intimacy with their new video for “Atlantic” that perfectly matches the strumming highs and crooning voices of the song. Eyes will happily get lost in this wistful journey of a song. The video is a compilation of a band members’ family home video footage from the 1940’s. A majority of the shots were filmed at the beaches of Long Island, NY where most of the band grew up. The mix of intricate intensities of the song allows the video to build into an evocative nostalgia overload.

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