Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nelson Freitas..new single release "Something Good"....World Music meets Hip Hop and House

Nelson Freitas is a singer, writer and producer who, from his roots in Cape Verde via the Netherlands, has enjoyed commercial success across Europe with 3 albums, a host of singles and several years touring.  His YouTube currently stands at 24,444 subscribers & 5,830,905 views which highlights his commercial appeal.

A journey which started as a break-dancer, then became the front man of the infamous group Quatro. With a passion for Hip-Hop, R&B and House music, Nelson took the challenge to go it alone and concentrate on his solo work by blending all these influences into one. After touring for 2 years he released “My life” album in 2010. With hits such as Rebound Chick, Saia Branka, Nha Primere Amor and selling over 90.000 copies, the critics now realized that Nelson in his own right was here to stay.

His 3rd album “Elevate” was released earlier this year with collaborations with artists and producers of different ethnics like Angola, Cape Verde, Congo, Holland and Morocco which has helped forge a fresh and new worldly sound. The journey continues..

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