Friday, November 19, 2021

Telstar! Instrumental Diamonds '58-'77...various artists


1-1    Bill Shepherd Orchestra*–    Tequila
1-2    Cherry Wainer–    Valencia
1-3    Rockin' Red Price*–    The Sneeze
1-4    Reg Owen–    Manhattan Spiritual
1-5    Reg Owen–    Ginchey
1-6    Cherry Wainer–    The Happy Organ
1-7    Cherry Wainer–    Iced Coffee
1-8    Joe Brown–    Pop Corn
1-9    The Flee-Rekkers–    Blue Tango
1-10    The Flee-Rekkers–    Brer Robert
1-11    The Flee-Rekkers–    P.F.B. (Phil The Fluter's Ball)
1-12    The Tornados–    Love And Fury
1-13    The Eagles–    Oliver Twist
1-14    The Eagles–    Old Ned (Steptoe & Son Theme)
1-15    Joe Brown–    English Country Garden
1-16    Laurie Johnson–    In A Persian Market
1-17    The Tornados–    Telstar
1-18    The Tornados–    Jungle Fever
1-19    Johnny Keating*–    Theme From Z Cars
1-20    The Eagles–    Maigret
1-21    The Eagles–    Happy Joe (Comedy Playhouse Theme)
1-22    The Flee-Rekkers–    Twistin' The Chestnuts
1-23    The Flee-Rekkers–    Black Buffalo
1-24    The Tornados–    Ridin' The Wind
1-25    The Eagles–    Dance On!
1-26    The Eagles–    The Lonely Bull
1-27    Joe Brown–    Hava Nagila
1-28    Joe Brown–    The Spanish Bit
1-29    The Flee-Rekkers–    Fandango
1-30    The Tornados–    Life On Venus

2-1    The Eagles–    Scarlett O'Hara
2-2    The Eagles–    Al Di Da
2-3    The Tornados–    All The Stars In The Sky
2-4    Joe Brown–    Hercules Unchained
2-5    The Eagles–    Stranger On The Shore
2-6    The Eagles–    Sukiyaki
2-7    The Tornados–    Dragonfly
2-8    The Tornados–    Hymn For Teenagers
2-9    Sounds Orchestral–    Cast Your Fate To The Wind
2-10    The Eagles–    Moonstruck
2-11    The Tornados–    Joystick
2-12    The Tornados–    Hot Spot
2-13    Barry Gray–    Thunderbirds Theme
2-14    The Eliminators –    Wipeout
2-15    The Eliminators –    Pipeline
2-16    The Organisers–    Lonesome Road
2-17    Joe Brown–    Mrs O's Theme
2-18    The Eliminators –    Eleanor Rigby
2-19    The Eliminators –    (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
2-20    Guitar Workshop–    Sugar Plums
2-21    Guitar Workshop–    Hall Of The Mountain King
2-22    The Eliminators –    Black Is Black
2-23    The Eliminators –    Firefingers
2-24    Timebox–    Soul Sauce
2-25    Timebox–    I Wish I Could Jerk Like My Uncle Cyril
2-26    Niddy Griddy Band–    Dinny Girgy
2-27    Niddy Griddy Band–    Summertime
2-28    The Royal Blues–    Wildwood Flower
2-29    Pete Willsher–    Raining In My Heart
2-30    Pete Willsher–    Sleep Walk

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