Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Harry Nilsson...Nilsson Schmilsson 1971..popular album from late singer-songwriter

In 1971, singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson released the album entitled "Nilsson Schmilsson", and what many consider to be his best work. The smash hit "Without You" (written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans of Badfinger) was the album's first hit and it went straight to number one on the pop and adult contemperary charts. But the album also spawned several other hits as well with the reggaeish tune "Coconut" and the frantic rocker "Jump Into The Fire". The musicians on "Nilsson Schmilsson" are first rate with artists such as Jim Gordon (drummer for Derek & The Dominos), Klaus Voorman (played bass guitar on John Lennon's "Imagine" album), Chris Spedding (an accomplished guitarist) and Gary Wright (keyboardist for Spooky Tooth) all adding their two bits on this excellent album. The songs are full of pop tunes such as "Gotta Get Up", "Driving Along", "Coconut" and the seven minute rock classic "Jump Into The Fire". You've got ballads here such as the above mentioned "Without You" and "I'll Never Leave You". 

Amazon review:
The late Harry Nilsson's creative and commercial peak, this LP showcases the singer-songwriter's lighthearted worldview to best advantage. It remains one of the best, most consistent, and least dated albums from an early-'70s era not known for underplayed, unpretentious subtlety. In keeping with the domesticated figure on the cover--complete with housecoat, cigarette, and waiting refrigerator--the mood is laid back and homey, and there's a palpable feeling of comfort in both the production and the material. Nilsson's multi-octave voice was never so full of life....

Ranked in the Top 100 albums of all time, "Nilsson Schmilsson" certainly has earned it's rightful place and is an album all lovers of seventies music should have in their collection.

track list:
Gotta Get Up    
Driving Along   
Early In The Morning   
The Moonbeam Song    
Without You    
Let The Good Times Roll   
Jump Into The Fire   
I'll Never Leave You