Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Psychedelia At Abbey Road....1965 to 1969...various artists

22 Tracks...The Major and the Minor
A Journey Through the Vaults

This is a phantasmagorical collection of 60's pyschedelic rock and pop. Either a great way to introduce yourself to a fascinating era in music, or an excellent way to get a hold of some hard to find tracks. Of interest also to prog-rock fans (prog-rock's roots lie in psychedelia) for the tracks by Tomorrow (featuring a 17-year old Steve Howe on guitar before he joined up with Yes) and "Kites" by Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, a precursor to the band Gentle Giant.

From Donovan's self-confident "Sunshine Superman", to Syd Barrett's moody, suitably trippy "Golden Hair", this is a fine collection of British psychedelia. Many of the people here would go on to some distinction including the N'betweens, who would become Slade. A really great anthology including a handful of absolute must-haves....especially the amazing "Circus With A Female Clown" by The Fingers and "We Are The Moles, Part 1" by The Moles.

  1. Sunshine Superman-Donovan
  2. My White Bicycle-Tomorrow
  3. Delighted To See You-The N'Betweens
  4. Sunny South Kensington-Donovan
  5. Circus With A Female Clown-The Fingers
  6. Why-Tomorrow
  7. King Midas In Reverse-The Hollies
  8. 10,000 Years Behind My Mind-Focus 3
  9. Monday Morning-Tales Of Justine
  10. Maker-The Hollies
  11. Kites-Simon Dupree And The Big Sound
  12. Talkin' About The Good Times-Pretty Things
  13. Walking Through My Dreams-Pretty Things
  14. Weatherman(He's Our Dear Old)-Mark Witz
  15. 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box-Aquarian Age
  16. Carpet Man-The Nocturnes
  17. Barricades-The Koobas
  18. We Are The Moles(Part 1)-The Moles
  19. Mr. Armegeddon-Locomotive
  20. Hey Bulldog-The Gods
  21. Strange Walking Man-The Mandrake Paddle Steamer
  22. Golden Hair-Syd Barrett

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