Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elvis Presley.....The Sun Sessions...collectible album of all Elvis' tracks from Sun Studios

My first encounter with Elvis was a 78rpm single of "Hound Dog/Don't be Cruel" from my father's collection. From there it was what I heard on the radio and his movies. This was the early 1960's when The Beatles were the rage and most of the music I listened to was on top 40 radio (I was still at school and not earning money to buy records). When I had saved up enough pocket money I then purchased a copy of "The Sun Sessions" on vinyl LP and my ears pricked up. I'd never heard anything like it before and my interest in music suddenly matured. Was there more of this stuff out there? You betcha there was!

Every music collection should have a copy of Elvis' Sun Sessions. There are many versions available, this one is the complete 2CD version including alternate versions and the complete Hayride Recordings. This is where Rock and Roll had its roots and inspired many a musician since. Just to hear the opening strains of "That's All Right Mama" or "Mystery Train" still sends shivers down my spine. I never get tired of listening to these classic tracks.


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