Friday, February 18, 2011

welcome to my blog.....say hello...leave a comment....

Hello bloggers and welcome to "This Jukebox Rocks". I know you're out there, you've been downloading my "sample" files. I hope you are enjoying the music as much as I am presenting it. This blog is still a work in progress and I have many more interesting items to upload yet, so hey, do me a small favour, leave a comment, say hello, say thank you, show some appreciation...that's all I ask. My time is limited at the moment, but if I know you are there I will make more time and effort to post more regularly. Maybe there is something specific you are after or looking for. Drop me a line as I may just have it. Even if you just have a keen appreciation for the music, let me know and I will be very happy. ...........Peace, Love and Music.......Memphis Marty


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