Friday, April 1, 2011

Cannoball Adderley....Somethin' Else...Blue Note classic

You don't have to be a pure Jazz fan to appreciate this masterpiece. Just put it on and chill man!

This wondrously relaxed blowing session was recorded in 1958 when Julian "Cannonball" Adderley was a member of Miles Davis's group--the one that recorded Kind of Blue--and the date is as much the trumpeter's as it is the altoist's. Davis's voice is much in evidence, from the subdued fire of the ballads to the crackling flames of the title tune, while Adderley's creamy alto invokes earlier swing and blues masters as well as Charlie Parker. The ballads and long, medium-tempo blues are complemented superbly by the thoughtful voicings of pianist Hank Jones and the great rhythm section of bassist Sam Jones and Art Blakey, who distinguished every session they participated in together. While Davis's Columbia recordings of the period were often ambitious and groundbreaking music, this Blue Note date is a more casual masterpiece.

1. Autumn Leaves
2. Love for Sale
3. Somethin' Else
4. One for Daddy-O
5. Dancing in the Dark
6. Alison's Uncle (extra track not on original vinyl LP)

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