Monday, September 16, 2013

Boz Scaggs...first album 1969..Muscle Shoals plus Duane Allman

Muscle Shoals plus Duane Allman plus Boz....a classic 

Combining the same rhythm section that propelled the great Atlantic soul singers like Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding with the legendary lead guitarist Duane Allman just as he was forming his great band, former Steve Miller Band guitarist and aspiring singer Boz Scaggs released his debut solo album in 1969.

"Boz Scaggs" is another candidate for the greatest overlooked, unjustly forgotten album of the classic rock era. It wasn't overlooked in its own day. Back when FM radio was "free form" and could play 10 minute-long cuts, the amazing "Loan Me a Dime," a delicately soulful blues wail that evolves into a monstrous Allman guitar workout, was a staple, especially at night. But the whole album is as good as that climactic moment. "I'll Be Long Gone," is an emotional inspiration, "Look What I Got" has the emotional directness of The Band and "Sweet Release" is heavenly soul. The album is sequenced beautifully and it is almost flawless.

Boz Scaggs was born Royce Scaggs, June 8, 1944, in Ohio. Scaggs moved to Plano, Texas at an early age. His interest in music was sparked by his childhood friendship with Steve Miller. They were budding young artists that both attended St. Mark's Preparatory School in Dallas. It was Miller who taught Scaggs the fundamentals of guitar playing and gave him the encouragement to sing.

1. I'm Easy
2. I'll Be Long Gone
3. Another Day (Another Letter)
4. Now You're Gone
5. Finding Her
6. Look What I Got
7. Waiting For A Train
8. Loan Me A Dime
9. Sweet Release

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