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McKoy ‘Cut From The Same Cloth’ Album out 3rd Nov 2013 soulful grooves, melodies and jazz

Noel McKoy is the genuine godfather of British soul - a singer-songwriter with a voice like honey backed up by his talented family. When the McKoy family – south London born siblings Cornell, Junette, lead singer Noel, and Robin - burst on to the British soul scene in 1989, they created a legacy for serious soul fans throughout the next decade and beyond. McKoy’s critically acclaimed debut album, “Family”, delivered a number of street-soul classics and their hit singles I'm Lucky and Family remain a hit with analogue, digital and underground music connoisseurs of all ages.

With a two-decade-plus career that has already encompassed reggae (The Albions), rock (Impact) and acid jazz (The James Taylor Quartet) plus a prestigious BBC 2 Jazz Award, Noel McKoy is releasing his first album in 20 years with his band ‘McKoy’ which includes his three siblings: Cornell, Robin and Junette.

Cut From The Same Cloth is the eagerly awaited album from McKoy. It is combination of grooves, melodies and jazz from McKoy’s parent’s collection, along with hints of 70's, 80's and 90's influence. The band likes to call it ‘spiritual social soul’ which they coined in the creation of their last release. Though it’s been 20 years since then, the band made a conscious decision to make an album with ‘an old school flavour with a new school approach’.  The album features the talents of General Levy, Vanessa Simon, Terri Walker, Marlon Cotton and Braydz.

preview on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/AJvBerEjBaI

Noel McKoy recorded three albums with the James Taylor Quartet and toured 10 times around the world. He has worked with some of the most talented artists in the industry including Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, Martha High, Atlantic Star, Terry Callier, Cliff Richard, Lenny Henry, Jessie J, Paloma Faith and none other than Stevie Wonder. Noel says: “I met Stevie after one of his gigs at the 02 a couple of years ago. He then invited me to have a jam with him and this was one of the highlights of my career. We jammed for quite a bit and laughed all night together.”

Career highlights:

·         Met & jammed with Stevie Wonder @ his O2 performance
·         Previous project won Jazz Album in the BBC 2 Jazz Awards
·         Performed with Guy Barker’s jazz band @ the Olympics with Junior Giscombe& Natalie Williams
·         UK/European tour this September
·         Performing with Sunburst at the Jazz Cafe in November

Marty's review"Cut From the Same Cloth" combines elements of 70's soul and funk with rhythm and blues, jazz, reggae, hip hop and rap that come together in this album that just shines with soulful grooves. Of the 13 tracks on the album, 10 are orginals co-written by Noel McKoy. There also covers of the Isley Brothers' "Highways" and a funky, electric soul version of Stevie Wonder's "Living For the City". Noel McKoy's lead vocals are reminiscent of Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway, whilst his siblings provide backing vocals of soaring harmonies mixed with hip hop and rap. The musicianship is superb with jazz guitar, both acoustic and electric, tight rhythm section, piano, clarinet and even some strings to create a wide sound. It will have you swaying, dancing and possibly making love with your favourite person (!). My favourite tracks are "Highways", "Natural Collie" and "I've Changed".

Album launch party 4th October @ The Bedford in Balham

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