Thursday, January 7, 2021

Car Songs Party...The Absolutely Essential Collection...All Original Recordings


1-1     –Chuck Berry     Maybellene    
1-2     –Jackie Brenston     Rocket 88    
1-3     –Gene Vincent     Race With The Devil    
1-4     –Lightnin' Hopkins     Automobile Blues    
1-5     –Johnny Guitar Watson     Motor Head Baby    
1-6     –Vernon Green And The Medallions     Buick '59    
1-7     –Billy"The Kid"Emerson Every Woman I Know (Crazy 'Bout Automobiles)   
1-8     –Nervous Norvus     Transfusion    
1-9     –Chuck Berry     No Money Down    
1-10     –Bob Luman     Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache    
1-11     –Rusty Draper     Pink Cadillac    
1-12     –Carl Perkins     Pop, Let Me Have The Car    
1-13     –The Del-Vikings*     Flat Tire    
1-14     –Joyce Green     Black Cadillac    
1-15     –Mike Fern  And The Del Royals*     Brave Jake    
1-16     –Jimmy Flaherty's Caravan*     This Old Bomb Of Mine    
1-17     –The Sabres      Hot Rod Kelly    
1-18     –Richie Deran and The New Tones     Girl And A Hot Rod    
1-19     –Johnny Bond     Hot Rod Jalopy    
1-20     –The Aquatones     Wanted (A Solid Gold Cadillac)    

2-1     –Gene Vincent     Pink Thunderbird    
2-2     –Chuck Berry     You Can't Catch Me    
2-3     –Eddie Cochran     Somethin' Else    
2-4     –The Beach Boys     409    
2-5     –Woody Guthrie     The Car Song    
2-6     –The Treniers     Convertable Cadillac    
2-7     –Howlin' Wolf     Mr. Highwayman    
2-8     –George Stogner     Hard Top Race    
2-9     –Bob Wills     Cadillac In Model "A"    
2-10     –Baker Knight     Bring My Cadillac Back    
2-11     –Doug Harden     Dig That Ford    
2-12     –Patsy Cline     I Love You, Honey    
2-13     –Roy Tann     Hot Rod Queen    
2-14     –Slick Slavin     Speed Crazy    
2-15     –Jimmy Carroll      Big Green Car    
2-16     –Vernon Green And The Medallions     59 Volvo    
2-17     –The Delicates      Black And White Thunderbird    
2-18     –Charlie Ryan  And The Timberline Riders     Hot Rod Lincoln    
2-19     –Leon Smith     Little Forty Ford    
2-20     –Eddie Ringo     Full Racing Cam
3-1     –Vince Taylor     Brand New Cadillac    
3-2     –Chuck Berry     Jaguar And The Thunderbird    
3-3     –Bo Diddley     Cadillac    
3-4     –Roy Brown*     Cadillac Baby    
3-5     –Tillman Franks & His Rainbow Boys*     Hot Rod Shotgun Boogie #2    
3-6     –Red Foley     Hot Rod Race    
3-7     –Luke McDaniel     The Automobile Song    
3-8     –Ricky Riddle     Drivin' Down The Wrong Side Of The Road    
3-9     –Hal Willis     My Pink Cadillac    
3-10    –Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps Why Don't People Learn How To Drive?   
3-11     –Hoyt Stevens     55 Chevy    
3-12     –Lightnin' Hopkins     Black Cadillac    
3-13     –Chuck Miller      Bright Red Convertible    
3-14     –Wally Hughes     Convertible Car    
3-15     –Howard Brady*     Hot Rod Boogie    
3-16     –Bert Keyes     Stop Jivin' Start Drivin'    
3-17     –Don Pearly     Drag Race    
3-18     –Rocky Davis And The Sky Rockets*     Hot Rod Baby    
3-19     –Jimmy Gallagher*     Ford And Shaker    
3-20     –Ray Burden     Hot Rodder's Dream     

 Car Songs Party


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