Saturday, July 20, 2013

Van Morrison...His Band and the Street Choir..classic album from 1970

Van's 1970 album that exudes the rhythm and blues sound of his inspiration, His Band and the Street Choir appeared at a time when Van Morrison was building on the great critical successes of Astral Weeks and Moondance. His third Warner Bros. album contains a number of radio-friendly tracks clearly aimed at the singles market and few clues of the serious, brooding melancholy of Astral Weeks.

Kicking off with the jaunty "Domino," the album is generally dominated by up tempo swingers such as "Call Me Up in Dreamland," "Give Me a Kiss," and "Blue Money." The cover photography and liner notes by then wife Janet Planet reveal a smiling Morrison and hint at a new found personal contentment. This mood did not last long after Van left the artists' community of Woodstock. But even here, in "I'll Be Your Lover Too" and "Crazy Face," there are moments that are essential listening for fans of his sullen splendour and mysticism. --Rob Stewart (Amazon review)


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